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On February 8, 2011, Yahoo! will be joining forces with INSAFE, to celebrate Safer Internet Day and to help raise awareness about safety online.

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This year, efforts will address safety around “virtual lives” encompassing online gaming and social networking. The slogan for 2011 is, “It’s more than a game, it’s your life.” Staying online and being connected has become critical for today’s youngsters, and not being connected frequently means social exclusion.


It’s easy to take part in this exciting one-day event!

• Learn more about online safety tips
• Share these online safety tips with your family and friends through Yahoo! Pulse, Facebook and Twitter
• Participate in the global Safer Internet Day Fair
• Share your own advice with the Answers community

Learn more about online safety tips

Think before you post. How you represent yourself online – the way you play games, the photos and texts you share, your avatar, and your profile – all add up to who you are. Invest in your online image.

Be a good sport when online. If you wouldn’t do it on the field, don’t do it online.

Take action and report bullying. By standing by and watching, laughing, or doing nothing when you see bullying happen, you become part of the problem. Don’t be a passive bystander.

Spread positivity when texting. Texting is core to staying connected and what you text is a reflection of you. Be thoughtful about what you text and confident that your texts portray you the right way. Remember messages can be misunderstood without body language to support your meaning.

Get out and connect with your world. It’s estimated that teens spend 7.5 hours a day watching some form of media. The Internet is fun, rich world, but don’t forget to unplug sometimes. Get out and connect with your friends in the real world.

Learn more about online safety. Yahoo! Safely is a global resource that provides parents, educators and teens with tips and advice on online safety. The site covers important topics such as managing digital reputations, avoiding cyber-bullying, and learning how to minimize risks on mobile devices, as well as provides guidance on how to safely use specific Yahoo! products, as well as a Yahoo! Answers Safety Guide.

Share these online safety tips for youth with your family and friends

Support Safer Internet Day by updating your Yahoo! Pulse status with:
“It’s more than a game, it’s your life:

Help drive awareness of online safety by sharing this blog post on Twitter and Facebook. It’s easy – just click `Like` or `Tweet` from the box at the bottom of this blog post to share it online.

Participate in the Safer Internet Day Fair
Join us in a “real” celebration of our virtual lives in the SID fair, by registering online or contacting your national awareness centre or SID committee. A video clip has been created in all official EU languages. Watch the clip and find further information about the activities being organised in your country through the Insafe website.

Share your own advice with the Answers community
Now over to you to share your own advice with the Answers community by sharing your tips on how to stay safe online in this week’s featured question:

What are your best tips for staying safe on the Internet?

The best answer will receive a bonus 50 points and an additional `top 5` best tips will receive 10 points each!

Here’s to staying safe online – not just on Safer Internet Day, but EVERYDAY!

– Yahoo! UK & Ireland Answers team

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  1. For this item, I considered I would give 5 tips on modes to stay protected while on the internet. These are some very straightforward tips, but you would be shocked how numerous persons go incorrect to manage these things. Anyway, let’s get right to them.

    First off, not ever give your passwords out to anyone. I don’t care if somebody instant notes you asserting to be from AOL, you shouldn’t give your password out. You furthermore should be very careful of websites that gaze like authorized websites that inquire for your password. If you are unsure about the website, just kind in the normal homepage address. That way you are certain you are on the genuine homepage.

    Comment posted on March 10th, 2011 at 12:45 pm by jailo
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